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I never plan growth. My philosophy is if you do your job right and look out for your client’s best interest, growth will come to you.

Millard Choate, CEO

The Genesis of Choate Interior Construction Company

Millard Choate, CEO, established Choate Construction Company from the basement of his home. He pledged everything to secure bonding – his home, his cash assets and vehicles. He lived and breathed construction and held a total commitment to making his business venture a success.

At that time, the country was in an economic recession and construction projects were sparse. Initial projects included medical office suites, hospital renovation work, and general office interior construction. From the onset, Choate has approached construction with the understanding that reputation is everything and every client relationship is integral to the vitality of our company.

Interior construction has consistently been an important source of volume and revenue for the company. For this reason, the CEO and entire senior management group carry an unwavering commitment to its endeavors. Since those first days as a basement start-up, Choate Interior Construction has grown to become the largest interior contractor in Georgia, with a strong and growing presence throughout the Carolinas.


Choate Interior Construction is a separate, autonomous construction group with its own staff of estimators, project managers, superintendents, and senior management. The entire staff is a dedicated group of professionals experienced in the particular demands of an upfit, renovation and expansion. This is where the small stuff really does count and aggressive schedules are a way of life.

Innovation, quality construction and open communication are core values inherent in every Interiors project. No project is too small for some creative value engineering and no request is too large for incorporation into a precise time schedule. From the intricate inlay of a patterned terrazzo floor to gutting an outdated mechanical system, the Interiors team has got it covered.

Choate Interior Construction Company offers a specific set of advantages that create a financially sound, independent and valued company.

  • Abundant projects with short construction duration
  • Exposure to many different clients, architects and developers
  • Opportunities to follow-up with clients future needs within buildings originally constructed by Choate
  • Quick cash flow
  • Less risk
  • Public exposure

Financial Strength

Choate Interior Construction has the advantage of the financial stability of Choate Construction Company, as well as its established network of subcontractors. Choate has no long-term debt and maintains a substantial net worth, with a bonding capacity in excess of $250,000,000 per project and a total bonding capacity of $1,500,000,000.

Choate has a co-surety relationship with two of the nation’s largest sureties, Zurich and Travelers. Zurich has bonded Choate since its inception and is rated XV by AM Best, with a combined US Treasury Limit exceeding $570 Million. Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America and its subsidiary companies hold a rating of A+ XV by AM Best, with a combined US Treasury Limit exceeding $1.3 Billion.

Safety & Risk Mitigation

Interior construction projects have fast turnaround times and are typically within existing buildings with tenants and surrounding businesses. Safety is paramount. No matter the duration or size of the project, Choate follows its comprehensive safety and risk management program. OSHA safety standards apply to each project, with regular team meetings and open communication ensuring their implementation.


Choate Interior Construction has absolutely maintained relationships with most of its initial clients, as nearly 65% of our volume originates from these relationships. Clients include all types of businesses from hospitals to law firms to bio medical laboratories to office parks.