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Charlotte, North Carolina 28211

NC General Contractors License No: 30582

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Business Development
Scott Harris, Vice President, Business Development
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Tim GallantDirector of Business Development, Interior Construction


About Choate Charlotte

The Charlotte office calls the Queen City its home and takes pride in the projects we build throughout the region. Consider the redevelopment project, Metropolitan at Midtown, the parking deck at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte that serves the professionals of tomorrow or the MSC headquarters in Davidson that brings new jobs to the area – this is our town and we are here to serve it.

We seek the best policies in Safety Management and Quality Controls, striving to reach beyond standard policies and procedures to establish a deep-routed corporate culture based on our client relationships. Just as the other five offices in this company understand that our name is everything, each and every one of our Charlotte employees represents that same level of respect and dedication to the Choate name.

The Charlotte office was the first commercial interior space to achieve LEED Gold certification in Mecklenburg County. Our commitment to this community inspires us to be a leader in sustainable initiatives, to explore the benefits of 3-D modeling and use the latest in site analysis tools. Our employees are leaders in these fields and stay involved in the development of their emerging technologies.

Interior Construction

Choate Interior Construction Charlotte is the premier interior contractor for complex, highly sophisticated buildouts. With impressive projects like Ingersoll Rand, Classic Graphics, and UBS, Choate Interior Construction Charlotte has a firm grasp on the ability to manage aggressive schedules, intricate systems and quality finishes to provide clients with top-notch spaces. Operating as a separate, autonomous construction group allows Choate Interior Construction Charlotte to be fully specialized and dedicated to tenant improvement.

Industrial Construction

Choate’s Charlotte team is the contractor you want to turn to for industrial projects from distribution centers to complex manufacturing facilities and everything in between. Choate recognizes the importance of delivering these projects on time and within budget; anything else results in lost revenue and profit for our Owners. From site analysis and preconstruction to fast-tracked schedules and efficient project closeout, Choate delivers industrial projects on time and of the highest quality.

Property Assessment

Choate Construction works with building owners and tenants to assess property conditions. This thorough analysis provides owners and tenants with a long term maintenance plan as well as improvement opportunities that will reduce operating costs, retain building value, and extend the life of the facility. Choate serves the owner and tenant to determine best improvement opportunities and qualified, reputable service providers that will maximize savings while minimizing risks.

Energy Modeling

The key to minimizing operating energy costs is knowing the amount of energy the building currently uses and how much can be reduced. Choate helps owners model current needs as well as usage after energy saving improvements are implemented. From preliminary to investment grade energy audits, Choate works with owners to identify the best cost savings measures and accurately forecast both the energy and financial model for future operations.