Employee Ownership

Embracing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Since Choate’s inception, an entrepreneurial spirit has run through the veins of the company and our people. This spirit is taken to the next level through the implementation of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making Choate 100% employee-owned.

Employee ownership allows Choate to share long-term success with our employees while also remaining an independent, internally-operated company – keeping the business “in the family” and complementing our core values and mission. The values that have allowed Choate to prosper for more than a quarter century continue to drive all that we do.

Choate employees are much more than figurative partners. We share in the financial and operational success of our company in ways that few do. Employees receive long-term benefits of their hard work, a well-earned gift acknowledging the daily efforts that make Choate’s success possible.

Becoming employee-owned not only benefits our staff but also our clients, vendors, and the local communities where we operate. The Choate employees you shake hands with on a jobsite or greet in our offices have a direct share in our company, making everything we do a little more motivated and a lot more personal.