Company Overview

Over the many years that I have worked with Choate I can honestly say there are no regrets.  I have only positive comments regarding the company and its employees and highly recommend Choate Construction.

Douglas Tollett, President, Douglas Management Company

About Us

Choate Construction Company provides general contracting and construction management services, delivering maximum return on investment for clients in multiple market sectors across the U.S.

Mission Statement

To forge lasting relationships by creating construction solutions that result in exceptional outcomes.


To lead the commercial construction industry with a thirst for excellence, a preeminent reputation, and a dedication to strong partnerships.

Core Values

Our core values are the framework that shape Choate Construction each day. Whether in the office or out on a jobsite, our core values are the embodiment of how we conduct business. As Choate continues to grow and our volume of work evolves, these core values remain timeless and steadfast, providing a solid foundation for future success. Simply put, this is who we are.

  • SafetyEveryone goes home safely at the end of each day.  We passionately engage and challenge everyone to make wise decisions for their life, family, legacy, and the lives of others.
  • Operational Excellence – Outstanding delivery of quality facilities. We provide exceptional execution of operations to ensure safe, timely, cost-effective, and quality performance on every project.
  • Stewardship Protecting our most valuable resources. We faithfully shepherd the resources entrusted to us, always mindful of our responsibility to our people, partners, and community.
  • Relationships – Be dedicated and true to our employees, clients, and partners. We approach all decisions and stakeholders with long-term relationships in mind.
  • Integrity – Be honest, respectful, and base actions upon values. We do what is ethical above all else; our moral compass will not waver. We continually seek to earn and build trust in our actions and words, knowing “Reputation is Everything.”
  • Innovation – Value creativity and challenges to the norm. We encourage and reward invention. We challenge ourselves to seek creative solutions, learn from our outcomes, and pioneer advancements.

A Team of Professionals

Founded in 1989, Choate Construction was a basement start-up, begun during a recession when construction projects were sparse and the employee roster small.  Today, Choate employs over 400 full-time professionals and is 100% employee owned.  But like the “basement days,” Choate maintains a flat management style with complete accessibility and communication between executive management and employees in the field. This structure provides for a collaborative exchange of knowledge and experiences, in which everyone strives for the best solution to any building challenge. Results include effective collaborations, cost-saving efficiency, and a level of quality that reaches beyond design/building requirements to actual performance needs.

From Beginning to End, We Deliver

Choate collaborates closely with our owners and architects to develop an innovative, efficient construction plan that defines the project goals and delivers quality standards. This plan will then be fully communicated to the entire team and monitored throughout the duration of the project. From preconstruction to closeout, our proprietary Project Control System ensures proper checks and balances occur to deliver flawless execution and delivery.

Bonding Capacity

Choate maintains a co-surety relationship with two of the nation’s largest sureties, Zurich (which has bonded Choate since inception) and Travelers.  Choate has no long-term debt whatsoever and maintains a substantial net worth and has never been limited in project size or total bonding capacity.

Value Creation

The ultimate goal of every client is the creation of value – a maximum return on investment. Project quality, cost and schedule are key factors in determining value. Many contractors view these factors as diametrically opposed; that is, they believe quality is achieved only with higher cost and more time, or that fast-track construction requires the sacrifice of quality and cost.

Choate generates value based on the balance and optimization of quality, cost, and schedule.  Choate’s unique Project Control System, with its detailed time management protocol and meticulous procedures, actually shortens construction time and lowers cost without reducing quality. Projects are delivered on time and within budget. Value is maximized, as is return on investment for our clients.

Value is the client’s ultimate goal; integrity and an unflinching dedication to performance is Choate’s — every project, every time.